"The Owl" - Amethyst & Roman Glass Pendant

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"The Owl" - Amethyst & Roman Glass Pendant - Roman-Glass-Jewelry.com

Elegant Owl & Roman Glass Pendant - An owl shaped silver sterling pendant with Amethyst eyes and Roman glass.


This jewelry piece is handmade and is specially "Made-To-Order", please allow longer time for shipment.

Enjoy this beauty!


About Roman Glass Jewelry

Roman Glass Jewelry has both the mystery, beauty and radiance of over 2000 years of history.

The archeological treasures rich with Roman glass shards, hidden from the eyes, in contact only with the soil that reacts with the glass. After centuries of contact with the soil the glass shards gave the glass a unique iridescent patina radiant with unseen before beauty, perfect for jewelry.

Our large selection of modern, ethnic and classical jewelry designs offer a wide selection of sterling silver, gold precious and semi precious stones combined with Roman glass.

Aged beautifully, the pieces and shards of Roman glass, the many different hues and shades of it; the gorgeous patina glass pair and compliment with gold and silver to form stunning fashion jewelry.

Whether you are looking to shop for pendants, earrings, necklace or rings the genuine ancient iridescent Roman glass will beautify any clothing. Enjoy our wide Roman glass jewelry selection!

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