One-Of-A-Kind Roman Glass Pendant

One-Of-A-Kind Roman Glass Pendant -

It is impossible to catch the beauty of this Roman glass pendant on camera.

Dark green surface shimmers with iridescent waves and accents of brown, blue, gold, white, lilac and orange make this lovely Roman glass pendant One-Of-A-Kind.

The sterling silver setting wraps beautifuly around the large and unique Roman glass, giving the ancient glass a contemporary flair.

A delicate touch of a gemstone at the bottom right supports this stunning Roman glass sterling silver wrapped pendant. -ENJOY!


Approx Length: 6 cm, Width 3.5cm


Roman glass jewelry has both the mystery, beauty and radiance of over 2000 years of history.

The archaeological treasures rich with Roman glass shards, hidden from the eyes, in contact only with the soil that reacts with the glass. After centuries of contact with the soil the glass shards gave the glass a unique iridescent patina radiant with unseen before beauty, perfect for jewelry.

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