Roman glass jewellery is a unique way to showcase and preserve history.

Roman glass is a beautiful mélange of shimmering colors and dates back 2,000 years. Each Roman glass jewelry piece has its own unique character and color. These ancient glass pieces may shimmers with iridescent waves of pink, yellow, green, purple and orange to mentioned just a few, making Roman glass jewelry lovely and one of a kind.

The Roman Empire is credited with building a great civilization renowned for its artistic and technological achievements.
At the peak of its power nearly 2000 years ago, Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean Sea area. The industrialization of glass production is considered one of its most significant technological accomplishments.

During this time, Israel became a major glass-making center. It was an industrial revolution and glass, once a rarity found only in the homes of royalty and the very wealthy, became commonly used.

The Roman Glass in these fine jewellery is excavated in Israel and other Mediterranean countries, in archaeological sites dating back to the period of the Romans nearly 2000 years ago.

Roman glass cannot be duplicated artificially. The glass has been exposed to oxide-rich damp soil for nearly 2000 years. As a result to this exposure, stunning unique formations rich with colors and shapes occurred at outer layer called patina. These colors vary depending on the minerals and the conditions to which the glass has been exposed. Every piece of glass is unique and enables you to literally wear history!

Aged beautifully, the pieces and shards of Roman glass, the many different hues and shades of it; The gorgeous patina glass all pair and compliment with gold and silver to form stunning fashion jewelry for every occasion.

These lovely pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelet and earrings can easily be worn for a special gala event at night or in town with your favorite jeans and tees. Indeed, what a unique and beautiful way to wear history!

Whether you are looking to shop for bracelets, pendantsearringsnecklace or rings the genuine ancient iridescent Roman glass will beautify any clothing.

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