Carnelian, Garnet & Zircon Chandelier Silver Earrings

Ahhh the wonderful carnelian gemstones the color is so bright and unique add a bit of zircon and garnet stnes and you get a combination of strong bright joyful colors, brilliant!


Height: 46mm.

Length: 35mm.

Max width: 12mm.


About Gemstones:

Did you know there are over 200 types of stones, minerals and crystals that can be considered semi precious gemstones. To qualify as a gem, the specimen should be hard and tough to resist scratching and have beautiful clarity, colour or 'fire'. Value is based on rarity and rare quality. Throughout history, gemstones have been seen as symbols of wealth and power. Gemstones have also been offered as prestigious gifts. Nearly all have been fashioned into beads or pendants for making beaded gemstone jewelry. Examples include amethyst, carnelian, rose quartz, topaz, agate, jasper, jade, malachite, and turquoise. 

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