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Bracelets. One can never have enough of bracelets.  Just like humans, they come in all sizes, colors and each and everyone has its unique place on our arms and hearts. These gorgeous leather strap bracelets have beautiful semi-precious stones masterfully and artistically crafted on them using a cotton string. A master work and delight to the eyes. A great  bonus in our beautiful gemstones bracelets is that one can also wear a few together according to their taste and design. Now available on our jewelry and gifts online shop. Enjoy!

Roman Glass History

Long before the communist revolution or even the industrial revolution (1760-1840) and definitely before the Internet revolution - there was the glass revolution. Roman glass production developed from Hellenistic technical traditions, initially concentrating on the production of intensely colored cast glass vessels. However during the 1st century AD things were to change - indeed they would change very rapidly.    Over time we will discover in here how Roman glass techniques developed and allowed basically everyone (almost) to own some - glass. We will learn how by the mid-1st century AD this meant that glass vessels had moved from a valuable, high-status commodity such vessels, mosaic tiles...