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Roman Times Coin Jewelry

Ido Zimet

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I am not sure who coined the term "Coin Jewelry", but it might be a fairly good description :-) Whether it is ancient coin pendants, earrings or rings. It is a beautiful way to wear .... well a part of history. Finally a good deal - you get real money and silver for - just money. Enjoy a look at some of these one-of-a-kind ancient Roman times coin pendants. Roman coinage, as in other societies, represented a guaranteed and widely recognised value which permitted an easy exchange of value which in turn drove both commerce and technology development as all classes...


The Roman Empire is credited with building a great civilization renowned for its artistic and technological achievements. At the peak of its power nearly 2000 years ago, Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean Sea area. The industrialization of glass production is considered one of its most significant technological accomplishments. During this time, Israel became a major glass-making center. It was an industrial revolution and glass, once a rarity found only in the homes of royalty and the very wealthy, became commonly used.The Roman Glass in these fine jewelry is excavated in Israel, in archaeological sites dating back to the period of the Romans nearly 2000...