Fashion Bracelets

Ido Zimet

Many people tend to use fashion as a form to change their mood. If they get up and don’t feel their best, they would put on something that would brighten them up.

The flip side of it is to use fashion to mask your emotions. Maybe it will not brighten your mood, but it would add to brighten your appearance, even if it’s not how you actually feel.
So, if you want to brighten up your other half's face, we suggest you try to use gemstones jewelry.

You see gemstones have healing effects, depending on various factors such as color and shape, each stone has its own unique healing properties.
From personal experience diamonds have the strongest effect on a woman's smile - the heavier the diamond, the wider the smile and the longer the effect. :-)
However, there are some semi precious stones that have similar effects with a lesser effect on your pocket.

One of our favourite jewellers is Sea Smadar Eliasaf.
Established in 2002, Sea Smadar Eliasaf Art Jewelry enjoys worldwide acclaim due to its exceptional quality and exclusive characteristics Sea
Sea Smadar Eliasaf, a sculptress and silversmith by training, chooses her raw materials with the careful eye of an exceptional craftsmanship. Smadar incorporates in her designs the best materials, and an inspiration from life and nature. Her designs reflect the entire spectrum of today’s femininity without losing the sensuality of time-honored womanliness.


Sea Smadar Eliasaf Bracelet

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